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What to Expect

At your initial appointment I will need to ask you questions about your past medical history. This information is confidential but is important for me to have enough information about you in general as well as the problem you have come to see me about. I will then make an initial assessment of your problem and perform any necessary non invasive tests. Once a diagnosis is made I will go over the treatment options with you and treatment can begin.


Everything we discuss during treatment is confidential and is never shared with anyone else. Your records are kept secure and are not stored on a computer. If I wish to write to your GP or refer you for further tests this will be done with your written consent.

Physical Examination:

For me to make an assessment I will need to examine you so it is more comfortable for you to wear ideally a vest top /or tee shirt and shorts. I will ask you to perform some simple movements to enable me to assess your mobility and function. If necessary other tests such as neurological tests will be done but this would be fully explained. Once a diagnosis is made it will be fully explained and with your consent a treatment plan/ options will be suggested.


Osteopathic treatment involves a variety of techniques, which may include working on muscles, ligaments and joints to help improve function and reduce pain. Your treatment will be appropriate to your individual needs and designed to help you improve as quickly as possible.


At the end of your treatment you will be offered guidance on how to care for your immediate problem at home. As you improve you will be provided with further guidance and information to help reduce the likelihood of the problem recurring e.g. back care exercises.

Follow up treatments (half an hour)/Number of treatments:

Follow up appointments are half an hour, and will involve a brief discussion on how your problem has progressed, followed by physical examination and treatment (again you will need your shorts and vest top). It is difficult to say how many treatments a patient is likely to need without a detailed case history and examination, however most acute problems require 2-4 treatments. Some chronic problems will require longer as they have existed for longer, so sometimes 8-10 treatments spread out over two to three months.