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Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Available with Katherine Bagley only

After reading the book The Resonance Effect I was blown away by the possibilities that FSM could open up for me and my patients. FSM is an emerging method for treatment that used low level electrical paired frequencies through either moistened towels or electrical pads similar to those used on a TENS machine. It is being used and has been shown to be a reproduceable method of treatment with very few side effects. In clinic I have found it to be very effective for:

  • Sciatic pain and nerve inflammation
  • Helping to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Supporting those with hypermobility issues
  • Helping to speed up healing after injury
  • Scar tissue softening and reduction

What to expect

When using FSM you will lie comfortably while electrodes are placed, normally connected to a warm damp cloth one at your neck and either at your feet or end of the affected arm if necessary. Quite often people will not realise that the machine is running, or at times people can experience extreme relaxation and become a little sleepy. However, this only last while the machine is running, and you will be ok to drive after the treatment.

FSM works best when well hydrated and so it is advised to drink well in the days running up to treatment and at least a little of water in the hours before the session. While people can feel something after the first treatment, the benefits can build over several sessions. There are no significant adverse effects but is not used on those with pacemakers or during pregnancy.

I utilise FSM alongside osteopathy as they complement each other very well. If you would like to discuss this method of treatment further, please give Katherine a call on 07968 329668